Tillandsia ionantha

I was so happy to see the blue flowers of my Tillandsia ionantha. When I featured this air plant in my driftwood composition (post last June 23), its leaves were just grayish-green (or a yummy color description would be green sprinkled with sugar-like coating). After barely two months clinging on that driftwood, some of the Tillandsia’s leaves turned red and two striking purplish-blue flowers bloomed.

This plant originally came from Mexico and some plant collectors brought this species into the Philippines.  I happened to acquire one specimen thru my friend Hermie (she found this in a garden show in Manila). Hermie told me that she winced when she saw the price tag; she couldn’t comprehend why such a tiny plant would cost that much than a Philodendron. Well, to me it was justly priced because it’s rare and I’m a collector of rare air plants.


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