Phalaenopsis ‘Tinny Golden Sun’

2014-11-02 19.45.04
I’m not usually attracted to yellow orchid sprays… but this one is an exception because it’s a Phalaenopsis hybrid. Two people (who are plant enthusiasts) that I know say that the blooms are cool to the eyes.
2014-11-02 19.44.20
They call it Phal. Tinny Golden Sun. This is the outcome of Phal (Golden Amboin x Yukimai). The flowers are 8.5 cm H and 8.5 cm W with pale butter yellow color… [sometimes, there’s a greenish tinge depending on the angle of the light].


Phalaenopsis ‘Brother Lancer’

phal bro lancer

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Moth Orchids. Every time my long-time plant dealer Sopronia drops by with a basket of orchids, I tend to purchase one or two. If I hadn’t killed most of my Phals in 4 decades, I would have hundreds in my collection. The temperature in my garden is not very friendly to Phalaenopsis; that is why raising these beauties remain a challenge for me.

2014-10-26 16.02.33

Anyway when I saw Phal. ‘Brother Lancer’ last October 26, 2014, I was thrilled. This hybrid has blooms of pale yellow color with Fuchsia (red/purple) Polka-dots. Each petal  mirrors the lip (my daughter says it looks like a Lycaste). Each flower measures 7.5cm  W x 7.5 cm H. The whole plant is 45 centimeters tall.

2014-10-26 16.04.13Presently, I’m still studying my new plant’s eccentricities. I place this among the ferns where it gets morning sunlight and has partial to full shade. It hangs four feet above the ground. I really hope this one would adapt well in my garden.

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October first-time bloomers

For nearly five months since it arrived in my garden, I’ve been talking to a certain Phalaenopsis to show me her flowers. I guess the orchid finally obliged to my request and surprised me with its first blooms — large (about 6 inches wide) pink flowers. This was just a nondescript air-plant at Hermie’s garden so I didn’t know it’s a hybrid until it produced buds.

I must admit that I’ve struggled to make this orchid bloom. I’ve been moving it around my garden to find a safe place away from the snails. (Some unwelcome snails managed to munch two of the buds; how they ever got to a hanging plant…I could only speculate.) Also, the excessive rain in the past weeks threatened the buds to droop.

In addition, here’s the other first-time bloomers this October: