Wordless Wednesday: Dendrobium spray


Dendrobium nobile (purple)

this flower opened its fragrant petals early this morning

My grandson thought that this orchid is a “he” because its scented purple flowers  seem to have beards. In reply, I told him that it’s a distinctive look of Dendrobium nobile orchids… These showy orchid flowers could last up to 8 weeks or more (12 weeks maximum) depending on the care they’re given. (To prolong its blooms in my tropical garden, I have to transfer the plant to a safer location away from rain, direct sunlight and snails…)

P.S. – For nearly three months now, I was unable to post photos and stories due to some login issues. I told my daughter about it and she contacted Support the other day; they promptly replied and told her what to do. So, let me say thank you to Happiness Engineers of the WordPress Support Team for the help… More Power! 🙂

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October first-time bloomers

For nearly five months since it arrived in my garden, I’ve been talking to a certain Phalaenopsis to show me her flowers. I guess the orchid finally obliged to my request and surprised me with its first blooms — large (about 6 inches wide) pink flowers. This was just a nondescript air-plant at Hermie’s garden so I didn’t know it’s a hybrid until it produced buds.

I must admit that I’ve struggled to make this orchid bloom. I’ve been moving it around my garden to find a safe place away from the snails. (Some unwelcome snails managed to munch two of the buds; how they ever got to a hanging plant…I could only speculate.) Also, the excessive rain in the past weeks threatened the buds to droop.

In addition, here’s the other first-time bloomers this October:


Lactobacillus for my plants

With the Philippines still in wet season, I always pray for a sunny Saturday because that’s my usual schedule for spraying fertilizer to my plants. Presently, I’m using a locally made brand labelled as Indigenous Micro Organism (IMO); the Oroquieta City Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Project promotes it as an Eco-friendly product.

[I threatened Sopronia (my orchid dealer who recommended it) for a sound ear-bashing if my orchids would have a negative reaction to IMO…] So after checking for a favorable weather (whether it’s going to rain later in the day or in the evening), I followed the prescribed ratio (2 tbsp of IMO = 1 liter of water) and sprayed it first on my orchids in intensive care. After 7 days, I  saw several improvements such as the sprouting of new roots and shoots, and invigorated stems and leaves…as if my sick plants were given a new lease in plant life.

Dendrobium,Anthuriums,Oncidium in intensive care

I guess the photosynthetic bacteria and lactic acid bacteria really do wonders for plant health… However, there is one thing which I do not like about this product —  it initially smells like poop. However, after less than an hour, the odor would dissipate. Well, what do you expect with organic…

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Wordless Wednesday: Dendrobium hybrid

This Dendrobium orchid is one of the birthday gifts from Sopronia, an orchid delear. When she brought it last August 8, the plant had two sprays of green/purple flowers. I was so attracted to its flowers because of purple coloring on the petals and lips.

Alas, I found one spray on the ground last Monday morning. What to do? I simply put it in a tall vase with a little water. My daughter put some colorful bio-gel granules to add an interesting touch.


Wordless Wednesday: Dendrobium ‘Doraemon Pink’

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

I’ve re-potted my newly acquired Dendrobium ‘Doraemon Pink’ in a medium-sized terracotta container. This air plant is a hybrid between Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids. Since this orchid has only three blooms, the pink flowers are quite large about 4 1/2 inches wide. All 3 sepals and 2 petals have hot pink candy stripes; the petals have hot pink flared margins.

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Sopronia’s basket of flowers

the dealer and the collector2

Aug 2, 8AM, TUBOD — Sopronia, my orchid dealer since the 1980’s, brought me a basketful of flowering plants this morning. She drops by at my house once a month or once in two months carrying a basket of exotic or new hybrid plants from an Orchid farm in Davao. It’s sweet of her to put me in her itinerary for she travels around Mindanao, (Davao Region, Northern Mindanao, Zamboanga Peninsula).

a basketful of orchids

This lady knows that I’m still into orchids and that I like purple, so she always brings a variety of purple flowers for me to choose from. Expectedly, hybrid Dendrobiums with colorful blooms fill the spaces on her basket for they are still in season… So lovely and pricey too… I have to restrain myself from “pure, unbridled greed”…

lovely Dendrobiums

blushing Dendrobium hybrid

new plants purchased8/2/11

So aside from what I ordered from her previously (a miniature Anthurium, a mottled leaf Phalaenopsis, and a Vanda ‘Udom Gold’ ), I chose a purple variety of Dendrobium King’s Dragon as a latest addition to my collection. I’m going to be busy for the rest of the day repotting but at least I’m happy…

the dealer and the collector3