I’ve got the orchid fever since 1970’s and I’ve been forewarned that it’s incurable. There are two symptoms of this fever: (1) pure amazement and (2) impulse to collect.

I would often repeat phrases in Bisayan language like ‘Hala! ka tsada…’ ‘Abi nako…’ ‘Ingon ana diay iyang bulak…’ ‘ Humut man diay…’ Pure astonishment was evident on my face when my first orchid, Aerides lawrenceae, produced sprays of sweet-scented flowers. Its blooms bear no resemblance of a usual flower.

Then, I started to gather and cultivate four varieties of Philippine Phalaenopsis. The next thing I know I’ve collected, cultivated, propagated and flowered Vandas, Dendrobiums, Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas and Oncidiums. It’s been going on for four decades yet I found it impossible to stop collecting orchids with new varieties coming out in the market.

Moreover, I found satisfaction with these plants for most orchid flowers last for four weeks. Since various species bloom at different times, I’ve enjoyed the display of their beautiful flowers all throughout the year.


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