Mottled and marvelous

The Philippine’s very own Waling-waling Orchid (Euanthe sanderiana) has been used in many hybrid crosses with other genera.

Below are specimens of Vanda hybrids in my garden.

Waling-waling hybrid, pink flowers with dark rosy mottling
Waling-waling hybrid, golden-yellow with red mottling


Waling-waling hybrid

Purple is luscious and exotic.


Waling-waling Orchid

This orchid Euanthe sanderiana arrived in my garden last thursday, April 28 all the way from Davao, Philippines. Even though I already have one in my collection, the waling-waling orchid is always welcome in my garden. Just look at it those flowers (3-4 inches across), and you could just marvel at the creativity of the Maker. The upper sepal and petals are fairly uniform white to rose while the lower sepals are yellow-green and heavily veined with reddish brown. Truly, the waling-waling is an original beauty.