Double Yellow

I decided to prune my hibiscus plants this morning when I noticed something yellow moving behind the leaves of my Durian tree. When I pushed aside the branches of the Durian, my hibiscus ‘Double Yellow’ (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) revealed its large flower about 5 inches wide. Rays of sunlight made the petals looked reflective especially when photographed.The exotic flower made me think of my friends…maybe that’s why it is used as a flower symbol for friendship…


Dendrobiums in bloom

After months of rest period, most varieties of my Dendrobium x Cattleya hybrids are in bloom this month. Most of the colorful flowers are 4 inches wide and some even have sweet-smelling scent like the Den. ‘Burana Pearl’. Their beautiful blooms are too good to keep so I’m sharing these photos.


Fascinating plants in Segapod, Lanao del Norte

This afternoon, my plant buddies and I visited the private garden of Mrs. Hermie Menorias located in Barangay Segapod, Maigo, Lanao del Norte. We heard that she’s back from her travels and she brought home some nice ornamental plants with her. This retired chemist always visits garden shows in Manila area and Davao, hence, her collection includes many fascinating plants. I would like to share some photos taken in her garden.


Yellow flowers

Yellow is definitely in this summer. And the flowers of Parodia leninghausii are showing off the yellow color at its best. This cactus has monikers like Lemon Ball, Golden Ball and Yellow Tower cactus.

My P. leninghausii started out as globular then later on becomes columnar. It is presently 40 cm tall and 12 cm diameter; its body has about 30 ribs with harmless bristly golden spines. Its flowers bloom near its angled crown; up to four flowers (with 5-6 cm in diameter pure yellow, silky, shining petals) can bloom at the same time.