Adenium obesum ‘PATHUM MA’

pathum ma
This one is my bestseller — Adenium obesum Pathum Ma. It’s flowers have triple layers of soft pink petals; flower diameter is 7cm to 8cm. I highly recommend this succulent to novice gardeners because it’s easy to care and it’s blooming capability is high.


In mood for Adeniums

I told my plant dealers that I would lie low on buying orchids… However, I didn’t anticipate my purchasing impulse on Adeniums. Just look at those double-petaled beauties… no plant-loving mortal could resist taking them home…and yes, I brought home seven potted plants (Adeniums with Greek nicknames).


Kalachuchi on a pot

Bangkok Kalachuchi

This is my Bangkok Kalachuchi. For nine months in a year, this houseplant yield pretty pink flowers in my garden. It is considered as one of the most popular Adenium hybrids available in the market.

Presently, my plant in the photo is 18 inches tall. Its fuchsia flowers are 8 cm wide and 9cm tall due to its funnel shape. The leaves have a rounded edge, somewhat greyish-green, about  three to four inches long, and 3 cm wide. Its fleshy trunk is about 6cm in diameter.

It was initially upright when I planted this succulent. However, as it grew, its trunk became fat and begun to develop twisted finger-like roots at the base. As years passed, those finger-like roots thicken making the base of the plant look interesting.

I have potted four of these plants for lack of space and most often some people have mistaken them for bonsai. Yet, a bonsai enthusiast once reminded me of the qualities of a miniature tree. So I’ve reached to a conclusion that my Bangkok Kalachuchi is simply a potted shrub. Kalachuchi is definitely not a bonsai material because whatever you do, it would refuse to become a miniature tree.

funnel-shaped flowers

This is commonly known as Impala lily or Desert Rose in English and simply referred as Kalachuchi in the Philippines. Also, since this succulent looks a lot like the Plumeria, often times people expect its pink funnel-shaped flowers to have a nice scent. Most of them are surprised to find the blossoms scentless.

I’ve discovered that these pretty succulents prefer the sunny outdoors so I’ve put them in the area of my garden where they are exposed to full sunlight. These houseplants also like plenty of water and require fertilizer only during their growing season.

Adenium x 'Crimson Star'