Ornamental Moringa on a pot

variegated Moringa oleifera

I acquired a cutting of variegated Moringa when I attended a seminar on miniature trees held by the Lanao del Norte Bonsai Society around 2004. That cutting given by Mr. Ray Villanueva flourished into an attractive ornamental plant. It is still on training as a miniature tree though.

tree on training
Kamunggay bonsai

This plant is locally known as Kamunggay and Malunggay in most areas of the Philippines. It is regarded as “Tree of Life” because almost every part of this plant is used for food or has beneficial property. Moreover, Moringa oleifera is considered as one of the most useful trees in the world.

sun-loving plant

Presently, I’ve trained my Moringa plant into a shape I fancy, an informal upright. I put wires on branches to alter direction. I used aluminum wires to control its shape so my bonsai would have a twisted trunk in the future. Also, I wound the plant around a stake driven into the soil in the pot.

variegated leaves

Hopefully, the variegated leaves of this plant would be in proportion to the tree.

ornamental leaves

Basically, Moringa is a sun-loving plant, even if it’s a variegated variety. I’ve been told never to put my plant in a shady spot or its mottled leaves would revert back into plain green.

mottled leaves