Colmanara Wildcat ‘Bar Toon’

The flower is the poetry of reproduction.
It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.
~Jean Giraudoux


Animal prints in petals

Every confident lady has a wild side and it usually reflects on her fashion essentials or accessories such as blouses, dresses, belts, bags, shoes, blouses, etc. In my case, I also included plants with animal prints on my list. Presently, I have 6 varieties of Colmanara Wildcat orchids; I’ve featured the first one last year, the Colmanara Wildcat ‘Yellow Butterfly’.  This second one (see the photos above) is the Colmanara Wildcat ‘Green Valley’.


Wordless Wednesday: Dendrobium ‘Doraemon Pink’

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

Dendrobium 'Doraemon Pink'

I’ve re-potted my newly acquired Dendrobium ‘Doraemon Pink’ in a medium-sized terracotta container. This air plant is a hybrid between Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids. Since this orchid has only three blooms, the pink flowers are quite large about 4 1/2 inches wide. All 3 sepals and 2 petals have hot pink candy stripes; the petals have hot pink flared margins.


Mottled Dancing-Ladies

This Dancing-Lady orchid variety yields beautiful flowers for the past 20 years in my garden.  It was just a burro-eared leaf and a small shoot back then when I got it as a barter plant from my plant buddies, either from Mrs. Vergara or Mrs. Tero in the 1990’s. It has been a delightful sight ever since this plant produced its first spray of yellow flowers with brown mottling.

Today, a spray of my Oncidium orchids starts blooming again and most of them were half-opened around 8 o’clock in the morning. Each flower is 3 cm wide in full bloom. The sepals and petals are heavily mottled with reddish-brown hue while the large yellow skirt-like lips have slight brown markings.

I have this variety for a long time but I must admit that up to now I’m still clueless of its name. However, I know that it requires morning sunlight so I put my Oncidiums in a shady area where the plants are safe from the heat of the midday sun.


Dendrobiums in bloom

After months of rest period, most varieties of my Dendrobium x Cattleya hybrids are in bloom this month. Most of the colorful flowers are 4 inches wide and some even have sweet-smelling scent like the Den. ‘Burana Pearl’. Their beautiful blooms are too good to keep so I’m sharing these photos.


The wildcat is an orchid…

“Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.” -Charles M. Schwab

Most often, the image of a feline pops in my mind at the mention of the word wildcat. And this also happened when I saw a Colmanara Wildcat for the first time.

Its blossoms have the predominant yellow and brown colors of an Odontoglossum, the 3-inch size of an Oncidium, and a prominent lip of a Miltonia. These characteristics are the mark of a genus called Colmanara (Odontoglossum x Oncidium  x Miltonia). I was so smitten at the feline-looking yellow-ruffled butterfly-shaped blooms that I decided to acquire one, a  Colmanara Wildcat ‘Yellow Butterfly’ shown in the photo above.


However, contrary to its name Wildcat, my orchid didn’t come from a jungle rather it is one of those beautiful  Oncidium-related intergeneric hybrids grown in a Davao orchid lab. This plant is not only beautiful but also easy to grow and maintain in the home as well. Moreover,  it gives me a lot of enjoyment because it produces at least 9 fragrant flowers that could last at least 4 weeks, and it has a free-blooming habit (multiple blooming times, thrice or more in a year!)

I would really suggest it as the ideal flower to grow while you’re still learning the “ways of orchid”.


Dendrobium Hybrids

Its remarkable how orchids flowers appear in  a variety of forms. Take these pretty blossoms for example; they  are the result when  Cattleyas are crossed to  Dendrobiums.