pretty white cactus flower

Twinkle's furkids

Hi, it’s me Vanilla Bean greeting you a happy first of June with a white scented flower.

I’ve been busy lately having fun last sunny May — dog walks and dog parties ate up my time… to the point I even forgot to post about my birthday bash! (I’ll post about my May Madness later…heheh…)

Anyway, I would like to share to you one of my charges at the succulent garden — a ball-look-a-like green thing they called Sea Urchin Cactus… No worries getting near it; the absence of needles indicated that it’s safe to have a moment of plant talk with it…

I woke up my overseer so early this morning to see it… why? because this plant-ball bloomed around the 9-o’-clock-bark last night and it would quit showing off its large pretty flower by 9 a.m. today…

Enjoy…just don’t stick your nose to the screen to sniff it…heheh

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Yellow Tower Cactus in bloom

I’ve been checking on them since this morning, yet…the ants beat me to the flowers of my Yellow Torch Cactus (Parodia leninghausii).  I was so excited to see its yellow flowers again for they only bloom once a year in my upper garden.


In mood for Adeniums

I told my plant dealers that I would lie low on buying orchids… However, I didn’t anticipate my purchasing impulse on Adeniums. Just look at those double-petaled beauties… no plant-loving mortal could resist taking them home…and yes, I brought home seven potted plants (Adeniums with Greek nicknames).


Tillandsia on bloom

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God’s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.

~Dorothy Frances Gurney, “Garden Thoughts”

Ferns and Mosses

Wordless Wednesday: tree-hugger fern


At Boging’s Garden

Meet Boging, a plant enthusiast/finder/dealer. I met her around 2005 when Tubod, LDN experienced a cacti craze; she gladly took off  several varieties of succulents from my garden. She’s been to remote private gardens or plant farms in the countryside. Hence, she’s aware of the latest plant craze in various regions for whenever there’s a town fiesta, Boging and her team would be there.

Here are some green residents in her garden:


fun, creativity and humor combined…the result is this…

Aisle 3C & a cup of tea, please

I love creativity.  I love flowers.  I love gardens.  And when you add creativity to flowers or plants, I am smitten!  Recently, on a trip to San Diego with my husband to celebrate his finished dissertation, we decided to visit new places in the area we love so much.  One of them was the San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas, CA.  It was an astounding place with ocean vistas and breezes.  It had the best children’s garden I have ever seen: imaginative and playful with a gigantic jungle tree house.  There were fields of exotic fruit trees, a towering bamboo forest with hollow swaying stalks which sounded like a wind chime symphony.

But perhaps what captured my fancy the most was the exhibit which I have nicknamed “The Succulent People.”  Clearly a skilled horticultural artist spent a lot of time designing and cultivating this exhibit of human-like characters.  Various succulent…

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