Ferns and Mosses

Rock Tassel Fern

Cool and Interesting — that’s what I thought when I saw this Club Moss plant at Angelina’s garden last 2004 (Maliwanag, Baroy, Lanao del Norte).  Its dangling fur-like stems swayed along with the  breeze. So without further ado, I asked my young friend (Angelina Avila) to give me some stem cuttings of  Lycopodium squarrosum (rock tassel fern) and Huperzia squarrosa (fine rock tassel fern). [The latter died shortly due to direct sunlight exposure and lack of moisture…and yes, my ignorance of its proper care.]

My Rock Tassel Fern is about nine years old in my garden; the old stems turn into brown color (shown in above photo) while new ones are vibrant green (photos below).   This plant loves moisture so I regularly check or change the peat moss. Also, I give slow-release fertilizer once in three months.

I potted this one last year; so far, its happy growing under shade of my mango tree.

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