Ferns and Mosses

Young staghorn ferns

During the 1980’s when I was teaching Home Economics in grade school, I used to display specimens of various ornamental and herbal plants at the premises of the H.E. building during school-evaluation to impress the Province’s educators/supervisors. One of those plants was a wonderful specimen of Staghorn Fern (Platycerium). It became a conversation piece at my H.E. garden; my colleagues even asked for offsets of it. (That plant eventually died after many years.)

Sopronia, my orchid dealer, brought me a pair of young Platycerium last October 2011; she got it from a plant farm in Davao. Both male and female young Staghorn ferns were mounted on barks of black tree ferns. My grandsons thought they look like weird crepes or inverted capes. Generally,they got nice compliments from my friends and visitors.


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