My new African Violets

One of my new year’s resolution for this year is NOT to buy plants. I even warned my orchid dealer Sopronia to refrain from bringing me new varieties of orchids. However, I was unable to keep this resolution when my plant buddies (Hermie and Tasing) dropped by late afternoon last Sunday. Hermie was back from the U.S. (she was there for more than 3 months) and it was nice of her to bring me these beauties from Manila – five pretty varieties of Saintpaulia.

photo of me unwrapping my new African Violets

I didn’t mind that each small pot was unlabelled… I’ll look up their names later on the internet… Meanwhile, enjoy these beauties with me…

light pink petals
maroon colored-petals
lavender petals with purple colored-edge
purple petals
another shade of pink

3 thoughts on “My new African Violets”

  1. Great pictures, Mama Nene. I remember the time when I was at the morning Sunday market and I saw a lady selling an dark purple African violet. I had to bid with a police officer who wanted the plant for his wife. In the end, the officer won but I asked him if I can get a leaf as I wanted to attempt to cultivate it (which he gave with a lot of hesitation). Unfortunately, after a few weeks, the leaf wilted and I ended up having an African violet-less pot in my garden. I’m hoping to find one to add to my garden.

  2. Hello mam, meron po ako noon na african violet pero tinuka ng manok. Ngayon po ang hirap humanap ng african violet dito sa palawan, nag bibenta po ba kayo ng african violet?

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