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October first-time bloomers

For nearly five months since it arrived in my garden, I’ve been talking to a certain Phalaenopsis to show me her flowers. I guess the orchid finally obliged to my request and surprised me with its first blooms — large (about 6 inches wide) pink flowers. This was just a nondescript air-plant at Hermie’s garden so I didn’t know it’s a hybrid until it produced buds.

I must admit that I’ve struggled to make this orchid bloom. I’ve been moving it around my garden to find a safe place away from the snails. (Some unwelcome snails managed to munch two of the buds; how they ever got to a hanging plant…I could only speculate.) Also, the excessive rain in the past weeks threatened the buds to droop.

In addition, here’s the other first-time bloomers this October:


3 thoughts on “October first-time bloomers”

  1. That sage green and aubergine orchid is simply amazing (never mind that it’s my favorite color combination EVER, for ANYTHING!!!). Do you know the cultivar? We have at least a half dozen phalaenopsis orchids but I have never seen anything like that! The last one is also stunning. Do you ever try to hybridize them? (Just wondering…. I’m just happy when they rebloom LOL.)

  2. Love orchids.

    I got so tempted bought five of them, I don’t exactly know the name of each but differently the color. Now my struggle is the leaf are turning yellow and slightly black not the new one but old. Is it possible to give a little advice on it. I will be posting the collection of my orchids in my blog soon. Please do visit and leave your comment on the same.


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