Wordless Wednesday: Orange rose

We have no Autumn or Fall Season here in the Philippines…but I’m glad that this fragile-looking blooming rose gets some attention from me and the bees last September 23.


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Orange rose”

  1. You have a beautiful orange rose, my favorite color. So delicate looking rose, vibrant and I’m just enjoying looking at those shots! Very nice blog! 🙂

  2. Hello Mama Nene. I love your roses. I just came across your blog and browsed along so many pretty photos it was hard for me to choose a post to read. Finally, I typed ‘rose’ and up came out this post. Roses are very delicate I am impressed how lovely your blooms are. Maybe you could offer me surefire tips on how to grow roses? I succeeded before when I was still there in Iligan. I thrust a stem cutting and sprayed it with water and then covered it with a plastic bag secured with bamboo sticks. Then I put the rose in a shady area until it grew! Well, that was my luck.Maybe you have your own techniques?

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