Lactobacillus for my plants

With the Philippines still in wet season, I always pray for a sunny Saturday because that’s my usual schedule for spraying fertilizer to my plants. Presently, I’m using a locally made brand labelled as Indigenous Micro Organism (IMO); the Oroquieta City Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Project promotes it as an Eco-friendly product.

[I threatened Sopronia (my orchid dealer who recommended it) for a sound ear-bashing if my orchids would have a negative reaction to IMO…] So after checking for a favorable weather (whether it’s going to rain later in the day or in the evening), I followed the prescribed ratio (2 tbsp of IMO = 1 liter of water) and sprayed it first on my orchids in intensive care. After 7 days, I  saw several improvements such as the sprouting of new roots and shoots, and invigorated stems and leaves…as if my sick plants were given a new lease in plant life.

Dendrobium,Anthuriums,Oncidium in intensive care

I guess the photosynthetic bacteria and lactic acid bacteria really do wonders for plant health… However, there is one thing which I do not like about this product —  it initially smells like poop. However, after less than an hour, the odor would dissipate. Well, what do you expect with organic…


3 thoughts on “Lactobacillus for my plants”

  1. The IMO sounds really eco-friendly which we actually need to use. I’m just starting out with the hobby and I do it’s available in our area by the time I’d try orchids again. 🙂

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