Spiral and Green

plant given by Dr. Opay-Villarmino
plants from Boging, a dealer of ornamental plants

I have no idea what these plants are — succulent or grass? My grand-kids thought they were like green noodles or spiral candy-sticks or telephone wires or just plants with a bad hair day. Well, whatever they are… I like them.

I first saw it at Dr. Opay-Villarmino’s home; the good doctor gave me some of the spiral-shoots when I visited her garden last last August 2011. She, too, had no idea what it is… but we agreed that this plant is interesting and it encourages plant-talk. Early this month, I added three more from Boging’s mini-nursery. I potted these plants with loam soil mixed with decomposed rice hulls, watered them regularly and place them in a partially shaded area.

P.S. — If anyone knows what they are, kindly tell me…I’ll really appreciate it.


7 thoughts on “Spiral and Green”

  1. Hello Perla —
    I would think that your plant is Albuca spiralis.
    You’ve got a nice project going on there. Keep it up!
    Anyway, I am your kababayan! I grew up in the provinve of Cagayan and I speak Ilocano. 🙂

  2. Hi Perla/Mama Nene! That’s a very interesting plant. If you do find out, I’d be interested to know also what it is. Looks like a succulent to me but I can easily be wrong.

  3. I haven’t heard of Albuca, but I know this plant as Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’ or lesser corkscrew rush. It thrives in constantly moist soil and full sun. It’s non-twisty relative is a common plant in wetland areas hwere I live in the USA.

    It makes a fun centerpiece in a container garden design.

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