Orchids, Roses, Succulents

Scenes of life and death in wet season

God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled.  ~Author Unknown

It’s Typhoon MINA that’s been causing all those rain, wind, and brownouts here in my hometown for the past days… and Lanao del Norte is just at its outskirts! My cacti suffered the most — weeds grew in every pot and cacti condition ranges from okay to rotting to dead. I even found an “empty shell” of a dwarf cactus while weeding its pot…

and a dead Thelocactus setispinus reclining like a tower of Pisa…

…but not all is bad news on cacti. As they say, a garden is always on the business of life and death; if a plant died, seedlings would sprout… and sprout they did. I’ve propagated some Thelocactus seeds early this month and look how they’re (Thelocactus seedlings)  starting their new life.

Also, two of my orchids bloomed again… The red-mottled golden flowers of the Vanda hybrid cheered me up ( this orchid arrived in bloom here in my garden last February 2011)… And so is the orange blooms of my Ascocenda.

4.5 inches wide flowers of Vanda hybrid
3 cm wide flowers of Ascocenda 'Meda Arnold'

Some plants also bloomed to show that they’re faring well in this current weather condition. So overall, I’m still glad while waiting for the this wet season to pass.

minute pink flowers of my bonsai
'Scarlet Beauty'
3 red roses


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