Purple flower

Purple is my favorite color. My eyes automatically zoom in to anything or anyone wearing this hue. Maybe that is why I noticed this plant on a rainy morning last August 6, 2011. (It’s not the first time that this plant produces flowers but every time it does, it always looks fresh.) Honestly, for five long years I still don’t even know its name but I know that my friend Tasing gave it to me.

I just put it in an area where it could get morning sunlight and partial shade. Also, I potted it with loam soil and watered it regularly, except for rainy days. I observed that its shoots grow from the base of the plant and each slender stems are about 0.5 cm in diameter. The 3 to 6 inches long stems hold patterned-leaves and purple flowers. The ovate-shaped leaves have green, greenish-gray and black markings.Meanwhile, the purple flower had a cruciform shape (that is, 4 petals are in right angles to one another) and the bloom lasted for about 2-3 days.

So if you know the name of this plant, I would really appreciate if you’ll tell me so I’ll know how to care more for it…


6 thoughts on “Purple flower”

  1. This looks like Kaemferia elegans, commonly known as the Peacock Ginger. I grow one of these myself and in my part of Australia it goes dormant during our winter and rises again in mid-Spring.

  2. hello, am glad to meet you, just came in via Sage Butterfly’s post about you! I first thought your plant is a Calathea, but upon checking, Bernie is right. Even just the leaves make a nice ornamental plant.

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