Tilandsia stricta

“It’s lavender!” I exclaimed when I saw the three-petal minute flowers about 0.7 cm width of my Tillandsia stricta. It never occurred to me that the blossoms would look so dainty. I thought the tough peach things were the flowers, I realized they were just bracts.

It’s foliage has a rosette form. (See the photos. I featured the top photo in my post last June 23.) The leaves are grayish-green, needle-like, somewhat tough and leathery. What I loved about Tillandsia is that it doesn’t need soil to survive and fertilizer to flower. I attached it to a driftwood and placed it in an area where it could get sunlight and partial shade. Since it came to my garden during the wet season, I just watered it when necessary to avoid drowning

This air plant came to my garden via my friend Hermie. She found this at a garden show in Manila last June. The lady selling her this plant told her that it came from Brazil. After two months, I guess it had finally adjusted to my garden. I’m still observing its growth and habits though.



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