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Sopronia’s basket of flowers

the dealer and the collector2

Aug 2, 8AM, TUBOD — Sopronia, my orchid dealer since the 1980’s, brought me a basketful of flowering plants this morning. She drops by at my house once a month or once in two months carrying a basket of exotic or new hybrid plants from an Orchid farm in Davao. It’s sweet of her to put me in her itinerary for she travels around Mindanao, (Davao Region, Northern Mindanao, Zamboanga Peninsula).

a basketful of orchids

This lady knows that I’m still into orchids and that I like purple, so she always brings a variety of purple flowers for me to choose from. Expectedly, hybrid Dendrobiums with colorful blooms fill the spaces on her basket for they are still in season… So lovely and pricey too… I have to restrain myself from “pure, unbridled greed”…

lovely Dendrobiums

blushing Dendrobium hybrid

new plants purchased8/2/11

So aside from what I ordered from her previously (a miniature Anthurium, a mottled leaf Phalaenopsis, and a Vanda ‘Udom Gold’ ), I chose a purple variety of Dendrobium King’s Dragon as a latest addition to my collection. I’m going to be busy for the rest of the day repotting but at least I’m happy…

the dealer and the collector3


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