Jelly Bean Plant

Most of the kids who visit my garden take an interest on my potted ground-creeping Sedum pachyphyllum.

“Makaon na? (Is it food?)” is their constant query.

And I would automatically answer yes to that question for it is indeed edible. However, I would often find missing leaves of my plants if I leave the kids unattended as a result to that reply. Well I couldn’t blame them; the succulent commonly called Jelly Beans, Many Fingers or Jelly Bean plant are quite attractive especially when the tips of the leaves turn red under the sun.

I have these plants since the1980s and I could say that they are easy to grow. They just require sun and adequate water. Jelly Beans could even tolerate shady areas, dry soil (they could survive without water for a week!) or moist soil (definitely okay during the summer). However, precaution must be taken against water-clogging for the root of this succulent is rot-prone.

Also, I notice that these succulents are healthier when they get more sun than when left in a shade. The light green with bluish-tinged leaves are about 1-2 cm long, less than 1 cm thick and have finger-like shape. 

These Jelly Bean plants are also easy to propagate. I just cut the top rosette with 1 inch of stem and plant it in sandy soil, or sometimes I opt to start new plants with leaf cuttings to multiply my Sedum faster..


1 thought on “Jelly Bean Plant”

  1. You have such cute jelly bean plants! c: I just recently bought one and I am looking forward to cultivating them. I already got two stems and a few “beans” that have fallen off and stuck them in a pot of moist soil. I read that the soil must be kept moist so that they root quickly. Is that true? I’m a noob when it comes to

    I’ll follow your blog and hope to read more tips on succulents and cacti. I currently have a few living in my room, they’ve been with me for about a month now. I’m sure I did something wrong because two of my cacti have already died!(one melted and one keeled over! it had black stuff underneath, poor thing) The others remain healthy, though. I water my cacti every two weeks now instead of weekly. But I still water my succulents every week. I hope they live.:c

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