Ferns and Mosses

Ruby Red Spikemoss

Red Selaginella erythropus

One of my favorite fern plants is the Selaginella erythropus ‘Sanguinea’. This evergreen plant is commonly known as the Ruby Red Spikemoss. Its leaves are feather-like and bi-color — above is dark-green and underneath is blood-red. The lovely texture of this plant is perfect for terrariums, ground covers, hanging plants, or just an addition to a dish garden.


Presently, my ‘Sanguinea’ is about 4 to 6 inches tall. I noticed that this plant thrive well in moist sandy-loam soil and in a shady area near my gate with the fern group. I just hope to find a chocolate version of this…


1 thought on “Ruby Red Spikemoss”

  1. Your photographs are quite beautiful. I had to run out and obtain a Selaginella erythropus ‘Sanguinea’ for myself!

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