Miniature Pink Anthurium

This is the sole survivor of my miniature Anthuriums. And its small pink spathe with red/yellow spike bloomed last June 16. The last time I checked on it, the flower is still there.

Years ago, I’ve managed to collect five Anthurium plants of the small variety. They yield pink with red/yellow spike, white with red spike,white with red/yellow, lavender and red flowers. As miniatures, the maximum size of their spathe is under 3 inches and the stem length is about 3-7 inches long.

Like the regular varieties, my miniature Anthuriums like a shady spot and sufficient water in the morning. However, I’ve managed to kill four of them despite years of experience with planting Anthuriums. How? Well…for two reasons.

First, due to neglect. I’m preoccupied with my orchids and other favorite plant of the month that I failed to give the attention they needed. Neglect is always the primary way to kill a plant.

Second, their potting medium is wrong. Initially, I’ve potted these miniature plants with large chunks of coconut husks. It resulted with the death of the Anthurium with lavender flowers. So, I re-potted them using the black tree-fern as potting medium (commonly called anutong in Bisaya.) I regretted that decision when I discovered three of my four miniature plants died one after another. Again, I re-potted the last miniature Anthurium with sphagnum moss. It was a success for the plant thrive well.

Now, I know better what to do with my recently acquired miniature Anthurium plants.


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