What I’m collecting now: Tillandsias

While most of the green-thumbs here in Lanao del Norte are into Philodendrons, I’m into Tillandsias. I’ve given all of my Philodendrons to plant buddies to have room for new plants. This morning, I’ve finished my latest composition on driftwood featuring the air plants called Tillandsia.

I saw these exotic plants at a Garden Fair held here in my hometown during the Araw ng Tubod, 2000. The lady who was selling the Tillandsia cyanea and Tillandsia funckiana told me that these air plants came from Peru, Mexico and  South America. After I asked her the FYI’s of these plants, I bought cultivars of both species.

Truly, they are easy to cultivate; I simply put them on driftwood for they don’t need soil medium to survive. Also, these epiphytes have no fuss when they reproduce. Take for example my T. funckiana; the single plant produces numerous offsets called “pups”. When roots appear on the offsets, the “pups” just separate themselves from the mother plant. I’ve given some of the offsets of that species to my plant buddies as gifts.

Presently, I have five species of Tillandsia: T. funckiana, T. cyanea, T. bulbosa, T. ionantha and the hybrid T. leonamiana x T. aeranthos.  So far, I’m so intrigued with their pretty blooms that I want to collect more. Anyway, these are the details of my composition:


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