Attack of the lizard-looking worms

worm caught in the act

I’ve never seen a worm with eyes before until it came to my garden last March 2011. I found the first one munching a leaf of my Aglaonema plant. Since then, I’ve waged war against this odd-looking pest.

reptile-looking worm

The lizard-looking worm has a gray cylindrical body about 1cm in diameter and 5 inches long, with markings like those of a reptile. I don’t know what’s it called but I regarded it as bane in my garden. About 8 o’clock this morning, six of these crawlers attacked one of my Aglaonemas again. The beautiful foliage of my once-gorgeous plant was ruined.

varieties of Aglaonema plants

It is commonly known that Aglaonemas are relatively resistant to pests. The sap of these plants are considered to be poisonous to health. Then again, maybe to humans and other mammals but not to the unidentified worms.

colorful leaves
Aglaonema flower, greenish-white spathe
a pathway lined with potted Aglaonemas


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