Phalaenopsis intermedia as medicine?

Before the Flanax Forte tablet came out of the market, the Phalaenopsis intermedia has been used by the traditional medicine-men here in Lanao del Norte as medicine for relapse and over fatigue.

For decades, these “medicine-men” would prepare the potion in this manner. Firstly, they would harvest the fresh flowers of the orchid in the late afternoon. Secondly, they would put 7 flowers in a glass filled with cold water. Thirdly, they would leave the uncovered glass of water/flowers overnight in an open area where dew could develop. Finally, in the morning before breakfast, they would administer the drink to the patient who is suffering from relapse or over fatigue.

I’ve tried this myself and it tasted like ordinary water; minutes after drinking the potion, I sweated a lot and felt relief and rejuvenated. Modern doctors may scoff at this practice but its traditional medicine.


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