Upsidedown Cattleya

According to Wikipedia, Brassolaeliocattleya is one of the complex hybrids, called a trigeneric hybrid genus; it is a cross of the three genera, Brassavola, Laelia, and Cattleya (and it goes on giving the description of the leaves, bulbs and flowers.) But what I really want to know is how my new  Brassolaeliocattleya ‘Angkinantana’ blossomed upside down.

Typically, a Cattleya orchid flower usually have three petal-like sepals and two petals; the distinctive funnel-shaped labellum, or lip, is a modified petal. As shown in the photo above, my Blc. ‘Angkinantana’ has two fringe petals and three narrow plain sepals of the same golden yellow color, except for the showy lip with a fringed margin which is decorated with red markings.  Despite its unusual upside down bloom,   the  flamboyant flower is quite large (5 inches wide across) and  fragrant too.

As  they say, with Mother Nature always expect the unexpected.


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