Rose Balsam

I think the Balsam (Impatiens balsamina Linn.) is a must-have plant in any garden.

This plant is locally known as Kamantigi or Kalamatigi. Its has pretty English common names though, such as Rose Balsam, Jewelweed and Touch-me-not. However, the name Balsam gives you an idea that this plant it is a medicinal as well as an ornamental.

The  Balsam flowers bloom in pink, white, red and lavender and variegated petals.

Though it is widely cultivated for ornamental purposes throughout the Philippines, I planted the Kamantigi for its medicinal purpose.

Whenever I have cuts or bruises, I would often get me some of the Kamantigi flowers, crush them and apply the extract directly on the affected parts of the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate any pain or swelling in my skin.

This plant is listed as one of the medicinal herbs in the Philippines. http://www.stuartxchange.org/Kamantigi.html


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